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Let me recap what happened yesterday when I went to go meet some old friends:

I went to the mall an hour and a half early before meeting the elementary school people, so I managed to find myself a cute shirt at Forever 21 and hold a conversation with Matt [good friend of mine/Domi's bf] as he was working the food register at Super Target. [I ended up buying him a cookie from another store cause someone bought the one he was eyeing that was the last one] and as I left to go see the elementary people, he told me that Domi was gonna come by while he was on break so I told him to have her call me when she came. Long story short, that was the most boring thing I ever had to live through. I wanted to ditch them and find Domi sooo bad but I didn't wanna be rude so I didn't, but, 2 hours or so later after she called, I found that Domi was still at the mall so I told her to meet me at Hot Topic where we all were. And that is why Domi is my Superwoman. While we were there I bought Kevin a something [I won't say it cause I know you read my blog, baby] as a going away gift which made me really happy, and we both lied to the group that Domi was my ride home, just so I could leave. Gahh finally I was having a good time xD .. her mom actually did take me home afterwards though lol. So we went back to Target and found Matt cleaning the food court tables, hung out there a bit, and went home.

Now, as for today, I think it's best that after my mom comes home and all the laundry is done that I head over to Diane's house to grab Alice's house key and finish the mural. I wanna get it over with and get the money, not to say that I don't enjoy doing it though. I've just been on this thing for 2 or 3 months. 'sides that, I think my parents really wanna get a new dog which suits me just fine. My mom has her heart set on a maltese puppy, just like that rug of a cosplay partner I have over here, and I do too. That breed of dog is sooo dumb, I thought it was just Missy [cosplay partner] but no, it's the whole breed. I wanna have a baby Missy running around the house stealing food ;-; . Not sure how soon that'll be anyway, they're 1.6k and we're not gonna pay that much, so our only hope is the Humane Society.

Like that'll happen :/

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