ilikahdahtaffy ._.

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Just sitting here eating too much taffy :3

I finally know what I'm gonna wear to this comic/toy con this saturday after days of trying to figure it out lol.. I thought this morning I was gonna be Barbie but Jeffie (who's going as Spidey) told me I might as well just go as Gwen Stacey.. so there I go! Just gotta find a suitable outfit now, but all I need to make sure I have is the black headband. Better than wearing preppy bitch clothes anyday :)

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A Very Merry Un-Unbirthday

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My lil bro turned 12 today and we all celebrated by going to see Over the Hedge and eating at Gameworks. Gameworks is a story in and out of itself, you know, cause it's not everyday that an employee of theirs hits on me. The guy thought I was 13, and it looked illegal enough already.. oh well at least he was nice? Time to hit the sack.

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Note to Self

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Note to Self: the name of the guy on Star Trek is Spock, not Spork.

Don't ask.

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Domi is my Superwoman ♥

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Let me recap what happened yesterday when I went to go meet some old friends:

I went to the mall an hour and a half early before meeting the elementary school people, so I managed to find myself a cute shirt at Forever 21 and hold a conversation with Matt [good friend of mine/Domi's bf] as he was working the food register at Super Target. [I ended up buying him a cookie from another store cause someone bought the one he was eyeing that was the last one] and as I left to go see the elementary people, he told me that Domi was gonna come by while he was on break so I told him to have her call me when she came. Long story short, that was the most boring thing I ever had to live through. I wanted to ditch them and find Domi sooo bad but I didn't wanna be rude so I didn't, but, 2 hours or so later after she called, I found that Domi was still at the mall so I told her to meet me at Hot Topic where we all were. And that is why Domi is my Superwoman. While we were there I bought Kevin a something [I won't say it cause I know you read my blog, baby] as a going away gift which made me really happy, and we both lied to the group that Domi was my ride home, just so I could leave. Gahh finally I was having a good time xD .. her mom actually did take me home afterwards though lol. So we went back to Target and found Matt cleaning the food court tables, hung out there a bit, and went home.

Now, as for today, I think it's best that after my mom comes home and all the laundry is done that I head over to Diane's house to grab Alice's house key and finish the mural. I wanna get it over with and get the money, not to say that I don't enjoy doing it though. I've just been on this thing for 2 or 3 months. 'sides that, I think my parents really wanna get a new dog which suits me just fine. My mom has her heart set on a maltese puppy, just like that rug of a cosplay partner I have over here, and I do too. That breed of dog is sooo dumb, I thought it was just Missy [cosplay partner] but no, it's the whole breed. I wanna have a baby Missy running around the house stealing food ;-; . Not sure how soon that'll be anyway, they're 1.6k and we're not gonna pay that much, so our only hope is the Humane Society.

Like that'll happen :/

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8th Day of Nothing

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School's been out for eight days and I still haven't gotten 'round to signing up for an online class I need. See, I kinda skipped English 2 this year and went straight into AP English [a junior class], and, for some wacky reason, I still need to take English 2. I agreed with the AP person and an administrator to take it online during the summer, but I've been too lazy to call my friend and get the link. I've been too lazy for many things so far. I dunno why I can't just take English 2 my senior year :) . Besides that, I have a mural that needs finishing in my mom's friend Alice's daughter Mary's room [not all that complicated]. Alice is one of those people [like my mom] who loooves Disney, and, like every other girl in America it seems, Mary had a Disney princess room. It was to my surprise [and great happiness] that Mary decided she wanted an Alice in Wonderland mural on her wall after not being able to decide between a hella lot of princesses [though afterwards we found out it was cause her mom's name is Alice]. Alice actually ended up finding a buncha Alice in Wonderland bedroom stuff that matches the mural nicely, so no more princess. But anyway, I started that during Spring Break and haven't had much time to finish it but now I have no excuse. The progress so far is it's completely sketched out, and the grass, hedge maze walls, red rose tree, Dinah, hills, sky, talking flowers, jacket on the White Rabbit, and Alice's dress are painted [all in that order I think]. What's left is Alice, the rest of the White Rabbit, the pathway leading to noone-knows-where, and the stone border around it. Oh, and the Cheshire Cat, how could I forget! Among the art I'm making on little Mary's wall, a number of summer assignments for AP Drawing have been given to me, as every year, to complete for next year's class. I actually like the assignments as they test my creativity, and I haven't had much of a chance to express my imagination for a while. The one assignment I can't wait to start is the deconstruction of a book, where we need a hard cover book to just draw in and express ourselves. I bet you all know what book I'm gonna use :) . I think since Alice in Wonderland is such a small book, I'll also purchase Through the Looking Glass. Together they should equal an appropriate amount of pages to play with.Oh! BRB gotta walk my fluffy little white cosplay partner!

Ok back. ::feeds cosplay partner some goldfishies:: gah, I have me some bad allergies today, I can't stop sneezing! With that, I bet I'm allergic to these kids I have to put up with till they come no more. See, my mom's friend from karate [they don't do karate, their kids do] needed someone to babysit her kid while she goes to work or something so there's kid #1. She wasn't that bad till she started coming to my house everyday :( , she's super annoying. Now, kid #2 is a child I babysat once during Winter Break, but he's only here this week and today's his last day. There might be a kid #3 but I'm praying not because kid #3 would be this bastard Marty that lives down the street from me. I hate that kid. It sucks having kid #1 waltz through my room every 10 minutes to see what I'm doing, cause I hate people coming in my room unless I invite them in. I dunno guess it's a territory issue. I don't have the patience to deal with kids -_- . On a lighter note, I was invited to a little reunion for people who went to my elementary in the same grade today. It's basically all the people from that school who found each other on myspace. I'm hoping Blake will be there, cause he's one of the people I always say I'm gonna meet up with and then never do.. I started talking to him months ago cause I had the biggest crush on him in 5th grade and I wanted to know what he was like now. Long story short, I love that jew :) . So yea, I'll have to ask if he comes on later.. or I'll text him ::forgot she had his number this whole time::. I figure I'll get to the mall before we're all supposed to meet up and have my bf come too so I can buy him a going away present. He's leaving me to go to Germany for a month ;-; .. but I figure it's the perfect opportunity to get all my cosplays/ homework/ The Skippy and Pappy and Domi show done. Yes, we are recording the coolest show ever this month. Or the most worthless. You guys come back to me with your insights once it's on Google Video.

I never realized I had so much to say :o

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Yum, New Blog

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Aiiight I got a new blog, again, believe it's my fifth but hey who's counting? Don't need another excuse from doing work though, so I dunno why I made it. Ah, what the heck, I'll do it anyway.

Spent about two hours this morning getting all the html the way I like it and yes, the pretty graphics are all belong to me. I stayed up till 2 in the morning last night from lack of life watching adult swim and placing the basic template on here. Mmm, adult swim. As you can tell, I love Alice in Wonderland, thought I'm not as gothic at the page suggests, if at all. The layout was actually an accident. I was creating a template for my friend's hat site named "Mad Hatter" and I began thinking too much of American McGee's Alice, so the template became exactly as is on this page [except "Mad Alice" was "Mad Hatter"]. After it was done I realized that all her hats are cute and anime, so this layout wouldn't do but I didn't wanna waste it. And there you go. Featuring little ol' me with "blood" dripping down my mouth.

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